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Derived from the Greek words "ekriktikós" and "kínisi", meaning "explosive" and "movement", our goal at Ekrin Athletics is to help athletes achieve just that - explosive athletic movements.  We embody this ethos every day as we focus on finding ways to improve muscle recovery, blood flow, and range of motion.

Athlete training outside to develop explosive movements


Use cutting edge science and technology to offer products designed to help athletes prevent injury, accelerate recovery, and maximize game-day performance.

Ekrin Athletics was founded in 2019 by former collegiate athletes seeking to bring their knowledge and experience in maintaining a fit and healthy body to others. With this goal in mind, Ekrin Athletics was created – a company focused on improving athletic performance through muscle recovery and injury prevention. Ekrin Athletics collaborates with pro and collegiate athletes and trainers to help design tools that meet their high standard of performance.

Today, Ekrin Athletics is managed by a small but dedicated team to bring muscle recovery products to athletes everywhere.


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